January-March 2017

Vidura Jan-Mar 2017

We need sensitivity, not sensationalism / Pushpa Achanta

Varied colours of corruption, and very few answers / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Chipping away at privacy and autonomy / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Can we graciously agree to disagree? / Shreejay Sinha

Two sides of the ‘India’s daughters’ coin / Gita V. Pai

Reflecting the changing face of the Indian woman / Ranjita Biswas

The gendered view from behind the lens / Kirthi Jayakumar

Can we have less violence and more respect please? / B. Radha and P. Govindaraju

Role of the media in a democracy revisited / Santosh Kumar Biswal

Can media literacy be an alternative to censorship? / Madhusmita Boruah

Climate Change: Onus on the media to be more proactive / Women’s Feature Service

Sustained coverage could help raise awareness / Bharat Dogra

Top 5 digital challenges for publishers in 2017 / Ben Shaw, Courtesy : World News Publishing Focus

‘Mobile media disrupting long-held assumptions’ / Susan Philip

Video – hot property but still uncharted territory / Cecilia Campbell, Courtesy : World News Publishing Focus

How Germany’s Die Welt uses metrics / Courtesy : World News Publishing Focus

Of the Vietnam War, turmoil, and Richard Nixon / Partab Ramchand

Exploitation of women in prostitution denounced / Safina Nabi

AIDS still remains a largely unfinished business / Syed Mohammad Afsar

We must overcome the shame around the C-word / Mehru Jaffer

‘Position family planning as a people’s issue’ / Taru Bahl

When children think abuse is ‘normal’ / Alka Gadgil

Grappling with depression, and no solution in sight / Women’s Feature Service

Journalist’s murder turns the focus on illegal timber trade / Nava Thakuria

Whither India’s national development? Time to ponder / J. V. Vil’anilam

Odisha’s health communication fares rather poorly / Santosh Kumar Biswal

Can we look at a second coming of new-wave cinema? / Bharat Dogra

Of fiction, film, Bob Dylan and Marie Curie / Shoma A. Chatterji

Defying, confronting and challenging patriarchy / Shoma A. Chatterji

Voicing Indian opinion, fighting for a liberal press / C.V. Narasimha Reddi

The cleft-chinned, virile star of Hollywood’s Golden Age / Partab Ramchand

A former reporter’s memories of ‘the best place in the world’ / Partab Ramchand

Bringing alive the Tagore household as well as the milieu / Reviewed by Ranjita Biswas

Presenting a ringside view of Madras studios / Reviewed by Partab Ramchand

A legendary musician who was full of love and great charm / Seetha Ratnakar

A versatile performer, and a brilliant ‘crossover’ actor / Shoma A. Chatterji