October – December 2017

Vidura Oct-Dec 2017

Murdering journalists: the much larger attack / Sakuntala Narasimhan

When the media ignored its own principles / Bharat Dogra

GST – a good and simple tax? / Shreejay Sinha

Do Indian cinema and television mimic life, or vice-versa? / Pushpa Achanta

Dhananjoy and the dreaded death sentence / Shoma A. Chatterji

Sex workers plead for more sympathetic media coverage / Bharat Dogra

Can’t we make room for people with disabilities? / Aditi Panda

It’s high time we made blood management ‘smarter’ / Dr Manju Gupta

Some ethical questions – in search of answers / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Fostering change-makers, making the world a better place / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Creativity: the missing ingredient in Chinese thinking? / Asma Masood

Cinema of resistance focuses on victims of bias, suspicion / Shoma A. Chatterji

Another scribe falls victim to violence / Nava Thakuria

A liberal who did not bow down, and created a big impact / Mrinal Chatterjee

Fact before fiction: my days in journalism / Shreekumar Varma

A holistic approach needed for peace, stability, happiness / Dr.Sumithra Shanmugham

Once a dancer, always a dancer / Seetha Ratnakar

Time to say, Chak de India! / Partab Ramchand

An adventurous journey to a cursed land / T.S. Padmapriya

An informative website on birds, a labour of love / Rina Mukherji

A riot of fluttering colour / Rina Mukherji

Engaging ideas for the serious mind / Reviewed by Amitava Nag

An award-winning journalist shows the power of RTI Act / Reviewed by Partab Ramchand

A scholarly take on a master storyteller / Reviewed by Manjira Majumdar

An expert focus on remote posts in the Indian Ocean / Reviewed by Rina Mukherji

A rare journey into the amazing world of insects / Reviewed by T.K.Srinivas Chari

Courageous journalist, uncompromising editor / Bharat Dogra

A ‘noble scholar’, one of a kind / K.R.A.Narasiah

His lasting legacy: giving voice to the voiceless / Sujatha Raghavan

He blazed a trail in the field of cinematography / Shoma A.Chatterji

A grounded, legendary figure of the Bengali stage / Shoma A. Chatterji

Entertainment’s defining figure of the 20th Century / Partab Ramchand

An incredibly gifted actress who oozed romance, mystery / Shoma A.Chatterji

An unsung master of satirical comedy / Shoma A.Chatterji

The blue-eyed star who carved a special niche / Shoma A. Chatterji