July-September 2017

Trust diminishes as an editor is knocked off his pedestal / Ranjona Banerji

An editor’s exit reflects perils of investigative journalism / Bharat Dogra

Needed: Sentiments of daring and social vigilance / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Fake news on an upswing, thanks to a president / M.R.Dua

‘If we aren’t paid, we don’t eat’ / Suresh Seshadri / K.Bharat Kumar

Want news of your village? Turn to vernacular newspapers / Bharat Dogra

Mobile journalism – ever-widening horizons / Susan Philip

Why we should speak up for Al Jazeera / Karan Thapar

Can ‘peace-mongering’ ever become news? / Sakuntala Narasimhan

Nationalism, and the media’s responsible role / Madhusmita Boruah

Keeping options open in a changed global order / Shastri Ramachandaran

Demonitisation – the decision and the impact / Shreejay Sinha

No reference to caste or creed please… we are all Indians / Prof J.V. Vil’anilam

Time higher education is given the focus it deserves / Mario Noronha

Getting the better of online harassment isn’t easy at all / Pushpa Achanta

Onus on individuals to make family planning work / Mario Noronha

Land contouring proves a boon for marginal farmers / Rina Mukherji

What ails Indian PR, and how it can be made effective / C.V. Narasimha Reddi

Are journalists relatively safe here? / Nava Thakuria

Visionary editor, father of Indian Renaissance / Mrinal Chatterjee

‘I like to try different approaches in cinema’ / Shoma A. Chatterji

Using dance to bring a new flavour to the epics / Shoma A.Chatterji

Swinging Sixties — echoing the scent of youthful exuberance / Partab Ramchand

2001-11 – greatest decade in Indian cricket? / Partab Ramchand

A gem of a tourist destination / Preethi Amaresh

Where power is the ultimate orgasm / Reviewed by Sakuntala Narasimhan

New Media, and India / Reviewed by Sarita Bose

An icon, whose ‘fluid brilliance’ sets him apart / Shoma A.Chatterji

As suave and sophisticated as they come / Partab Ramchand

The Moghul of Telugu poetry / Pulugurta Chandra Sekhar

A handsome hulk, a star and a versatile actor / Partab Ramchand

A screen mother people loved and could easily relate to / Shoma A.Chatterji