Ricoh achieves Ghent certification
July 10, 2017

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) that represents the print and publishing community, including industry, vendors, associations and educational members, has announced that Ricoh has successfully achieved the GWG PDF preflight certification, addressing the highest level of preflight capability for reliable PDF processing.

Simon Tapley, Workflow Solutions manager, Ricoh Europe, explains that as an active member of the Ghent Workgroup (GWG), Ricoh is now well placed to give input to and help promote this valuable standards activity, which is designed to help ease the transmission of PDF content between creative professionals and print service providers.

Says Tapley: “This certification also allows us to develop and integrate tools within our TotalFlow software solutions to help our clients adopt and work with PDF standards (like PDF/X-4) and automate the checking and correction of files against these standards.” He explains that the integration of the Enfocus Pitstop Library within Ricoh’s TotalFlow solutions (TotalFlow Production Manager and TotalFlow BatchBuilder) allows users to configure PDF preflight as an integrated and automated workflow step.

“It also provides support for the latest GWG preflight standards enabling users to take advantage of this directly within our solutions and ensure files comply with these standards. This has allowed Ricoh to receive GWG certification for the very latest GWG preflight profiles and demonstrates our commitment to providing easy to use, automated solutions that allow print service providers to produce high quality output with integrity to the original designer’s intent.”

Says Andrew Bailes-Collins, co-chair of the GWG specifications committee and Senior Product manager for the PitStop product family at Enfocus: “It is great to see Ricoh’s solutions passed Ghent Workgroup compliancy. This is a real benefit for their customers, taking away a lot of the guess work and manual effort out of the system configuration. Customers can be assured that ‘out-of-the-box’ they are conforming to a known and proven standard. I am pleased to see Ricoh taking advantage of the GWG compliant preflight profiles, features and functionality offered by PitStop, which are integrated in TotalFlow Production Manager and TotalFlow Batch Builder.”

Didier Haazen, chair of the GWG Compliance Subcommittee and senior Innovation advisor at VIGC, adds: “Ricoh has proven that preflight certification is important. Implementing OEM solutions helps Ricoh and the industry to quickly adopt the newest PDF standards and ensures predictability in the entire digital production chain.”

The GWG preflight certification is a validation of the prepress quality control specification developed by the GWG. It contains 14 different ‘variants’ aimed at different print market segments and output methods, all based on the ISO PDF/X-4 standard, but with additional conditions and restrictions relevant to each segment. The variants cover the majority of common print applications and include web- and sheetfed CMYK and/or spot colour, plus magazine and newspaper advertisements. Because the certification is based on the PDF/X-4 standard, it also includes variants which allow the use of RGB colors within artwork files as well as ‘live’ transparency to support the most sophisticated and up-to-date graphic arts workflows.

The test suite used in the certification process comprises 260 test files that cover aspects such as correct detection of minimum image resolution, use of correct color spaces, white and black overprint settings, ink coverage, spot color usage and naming, and more. File content that does not meet the necessary conditions is either flagged with an error message or with a warning, depending on the importance of the issue and how it could affect output.

July 2017