Grassroots Jan 2018

A hospital with a difference, and doctors who inspire / Bharat Dogra/ Madhu Dogra, New Delhi

It’s an uphill task resisting sexual and gender stereotypes / Pushpa Achanta, Bengaluru

Superstition, stigma, ostracism – the pain of being branded a witch / Rakhi Ghosh, Bhubaneswar

An evening school for elderly women raises their spirits, empowers them / Rakhee Roytalukdar, Kota, Rajasthan

New wildlife policy could do better with community support / S. Gopikrishna Warrier, Chennai

How rice-fish culture transformed the life of a farmer / Jagannath Chatterjee, Bhubaneswar

Reviving traditional rice varieties / Dinesh C. Sharma, Delhi

From garbage heap to lake restored / Rina Mukherji, Kolkata