Vidura, the oldest publication of the Press Institute of India (in publication since 1963), is a substantive quarterly journal that focuses primarily on pertinent issues relating to the media. Many of the articles are from established writers, senior editors and journalists. Being a platform for exchange of news and views on a wide spectrum of developments in the media industry, it is a must-read for both the aspiring journalist as well as those well ensconced in the profession.

Visionary editor, father of Indian Renaissance
Raja Ram Mohan Roy (sometimes also referred to as Rammohun) was a journalist, editor, writer, social reformer and scholar. He is widely regarded as the .... MORE >
Time higher education is given the focus it deserves
College density in India leaves a lot to be desired. The all-India figure of the number of colleges per lakh eligible population (between 18 and .... MORE >
‘I like to try different approaches in cinema’
Aparna Sen is acknowledged as one of the finest directors Indian cinema has produced. But curiously, her latest film, Sonata, vanished without a trace after .... MORE >
No reference to caste or creed please… we are all Indians
One of the primary duties of a Government is to make good education universally accessible to the children of the country. Institutions of learning should .... MORE >
Demonitisation – the decision and the impact
The Modi Government took the nation by surprise with its demonitisation move in November 2016. More than six months after the shock announcement, Shreejay Sinha .... MORE >
What ails Indian PR, and how it can be made effective
If India is the birthplace of human speech, as designated by American writer Mark Twain, it can also be taken as the place where Public .... MORE >
Swinging Sixties — echoing the scent of youthful exuberance
“It’s a terrible world these days,” bemoaned Partab Ramchand’s friend, an old timer. “Look at the newspapers, the television, the Internet and all you get .... MORE >
Using dance to bring a new flavour to the epics
A novel initiative explores unusual facets of well-known characters from the epics through solo dance performances. Shoma A. Chatterji describes the experience of watching two .... MORE >
Can ‘peace-mongering’ ever become news?
Warmongering is news for the media. ‘Peacemongering’ isn’t. That, sadly, is the reality. Which explains why mainstream media took no note of a recent .... MORE >
Mobile journalism – ever-widening horizons
Mobile devices have been used in news gathering for some years, but recent advances in technology, combined with the swelling reach of social media has .... MORE >