Vidura, the oldest publication of the Press Institute of India (in publication since 1963), is a substantive quarterly journal that focuses primarily on pertinent issues relating to the media. Many of the articles are from established writers, senior editors and journalists. Being a platform for exchange of news and views on a wide spectrum of developments in the media industry, it is a must-read for both the aspiring journalist as well as those well ensconced in the profession.

Demonetisation – coverage by print could have been better
The government has sought to focus on the benefits of demonetisation. Does the print media have a responsibility to highlight the negative impact of the .... MORE >
A president’s unmasked dislike of the media
The man who was in a league with John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan when it came to skilfully using the media of his day .... MORE >
A rare devotion to rustic songs that brought people together
Kalikaprasad Bhattacharya was an icon of the folk music of Northern and Eastern Bengal. But his journey into the revival and mainstreaming of folk songs .... MORE >
A journalist fondly recalls four men who shaped his career
Looking back on almost half a century of his journalistic career, Partab Ramchand remembers four special senior colleagues who not only touched his life but .... MORE >
He brought a life’s perspective while covering sport
Nirmal Shekar died relatively young – sixty years isn’t really a full life by today’s standards of longevity. Partab Ramchand had met Shekar over dinner .... MORE >
An extraordinary storyteller who was humble and simple
It was in 1968 that Charukesi first met Ashokamitran, along with his writer-friend Vadhoolan, in his Damodara Reddy Street residence in Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai. .... MORE >
Reflecting the changing face of the Indian woman
In the last couple of years, something is changing, though quietly, about the portrayal of women in mainstream Indian films, aka Bollywood or Hindi films. .... MORE >
Role of the media in a democracy revisited
Numerous defamation suits against journalists, mounting pressure on whistleblowers and RTI activists, low level of media activism and rise of political infotainment, are potent threats .... MORE >
Varied colours of corruption, and very few answers
How is demonetisation going to eliminate all kinds of pervasive corruption? Who can say that ‘small time, petty’ corruption is not as corrosive as ‘big .... MORE >
Of the Vietnam War, turmoil, and Richard Nixon
The recently concluded American Presidential Election was considered to be the most divisive since 1968 because of the diversity of the two candidates, their vastly .... MORE >