Vidura, the oldest publication of the Press Institute of India (in publication since 1963), is a substantive quarterly journal that focuses primarily on pertinent issues relating to the media. Many of the articles are from established writers, senior editors and journalists. Being a platform for exchange of news and views on a wide spectrum of developments in the media industry, it is a must-read for both the aspiring journalist as well as those well ensconced in the profession.

Sex workers plead for more sympathetic media coverage
Do sex workers not deserve dignity? Do the terms ‘rape’ and ‘violence’ not apply to them? These were some of the questions that came up .... MORE >
Another scribe falls victim to violence
Even as India was reacting sharply to the murder of journalist-editor Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru, the crime found an echo in the Northeast with the .... MORE >
Once a dancer, always a dancer
They say some people are born to dance. Seetha Ratnakar wonders if she was. She remembers watching dance as far back as her memory goes .... MORE >
An expert focus on remote posts in the Indian Ocean
The Andaman & Nicobar islands have had the ill fortune of being colonised several times over, first by the British and then by the mainlanders .... MORE >
Some ethical questions – in search of answers
She has taught journalism as guest faculty for postgraduate students at three well-known institutions in Mumbai and Bengaluru, including the Asian College of Journalism (before .... MORE >
A scholarly take on a master storyteller
The title somewhat defines and sets the tone of the book. Bimal Roy, once upon a time in Bombay, was a leading filmmaker, with Bengali .... MORE >
Courageous journalist, uncompromising editor
Sufi Amba Prasad is remembered with great respect as a journalist who was ready and willing to make any sacrifice to serve the Freedom Movement .... MORE >
A riot of fluttering colour
On a sunny day, as you step through the gates of Central Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake City and proceed towards Picnic Point, you will .... MORE >
Fostering change-makers, making the world a better place
While India was celebrating 70 years of independence in 2017, there was another 70th anniversary being observed worldwide, by a group of ‘fellows’ who .... MORE >
Dhananjoy and the dreaded death sentence
The death sentence is a controversial subject in India, and several award-winning films have been made around the subject. The most recent is Dhananjoy, which .... MORE >