Grassroots is a monthly, which looks at a range of social development issues, with the thrust being on women achievers and their fight against the odds. There are stories from across India’s heartland and most of them strike a chord. In many ways, it is the voice of the real India.

Overcoming the double whammy of divorce and domestic violence
Pushpa Achanta, Bengaluru
Friends and families of many women who have chosen to stay away from abusive husbands advise them to return to their marital homes. Even police .... MORE >
A farmer-friendly initiative
Prabakaran G, Vaithiyanathan D, Madhavi Ganesan, Anna University, Chennai
The College of Engineering Guindy in Chennai is working on a novel method to modernise standard agricultural practices by integrating fuzzy logic with soil nutrition .... MORE >
Teenagers who have ideas, gumption, and a firm voice
Dilnaz Boga, Mumbai
UNICEF’s Adolescent Life Skills Education Programme, run in collaboration with Chandrapur Zilla Parishad and Yashvant Rao Chauhan Academy for Development Administration, Pune, has trained students .... MORE >
Life has no shortcuts, only hard work can reap rewards
Jagyaseni Chatterjee, Chennai
Reetesh, Ashutosh and Ajay are three boys from a remote village in Madhya Pradesh who had the courage to follow their dreams through unfamiliar territory. .... MORE >
Artificial glaciers aid agriculture here, thanks to remarkable enterprise
Dechen Dolker, Leh, Ladakh
Necessity is the mother of invention. For Ladakhi farmers, nothing is more necessary than water availability during the sowing season which falls between March and .... MORE >
These women deserve kudos for empowering themselves, families
Pushpa Achanta
Women are stepping out of traditional boundaries to enter hitherto predominantly male areas. As cab drivers, bus conductors, cobblers and more, they are standing shoulder .... MORE >
In this remote area, evening classes are a blessing for children
Rakhee Roytalukdar, Deosiri, Assam
Children of tribal people settled in forests in remote Deosiri in Assam close to the Bhutan border have no way of getting quality education. The .... MORE >
Yes, you can push for transparency, accountability in governance
Amita Bhaduri, Delhi
With the Right to Information (RTI) Act coming into force in the year 2005, India saw many RTI activists making the most of it to .... MORE >
How activists restored dignity and pride to rural communities
Rakhi Ghosh, Koraput, Odisha
Across rural Koraput, women have led the movement against open defecation although it’s never easy to wipe out centuries of set behavioural practices. A few .... MORE >
Her mission to grow bamboo finds echo in many villages
Rina Mukherji, Kolkata
Circumstances drew her attention to how locals were depleting the forests of foliage and destroying the soil. Conversing with forest-dwellers made her realise that it .... MORE >