Grassroots is a monthly, which looks at a range of social development issues, with the thrust being on women achievers and their fight against the odds. There are stories from across India’s heartland and most of them strike a chord. In many ways, it is the voice of the real India.

About the magic of the marrow, and a dying craft
Shoma A. Chatterji, Kolkata
This is the story about an unusual documentary – one with a vegetable as its hero! Gourd to Chord maps the journey of the humble .... MORE >
Odds stacked against giving children a chance of survival
Swapna Majumdar, from various districts in Uttar Pradesh
More than 700000 of India’s newborns continue to die within 28 days of their birth every year. In Uttar Pradesh, the neonatal mortality rate is .... MORE >
Rugby brings a whiff of fresh air, motivates girls to pursue what they want
Safina Nabi, Delhi
Kashmir is a male-dominant society. Women generally become victims of dominance in the state. Although recent years have seen women enjoying many of the privileges .... MORE >
Path-breaking initiative to bridge rural-urban digital divide
The MS Swaminathan Research Foundation in Chennai is ready to pilot an Android application to disseminate need-based information and knowledge packages through public libraries The MS .... MORE >
Creating a brave new world, despite all odds
Bharat Dogra, New Delhi
The resilience of women from disadvantaged sections equips them with a unique capacity to achieve, given the opportunity. Voluntary organisations such as Disha, recognising the .... MORE >
A lagoon cries out for restoration, but are the authorities hearing?
Seetha Gopalakrishnan, Chennai
Along the east coast of India, five massive wetlands – starting from Point Calimere (Kodiakarai) and Pulicat in Tamil Nadu, the Krishna-Godavari basin in Andhra, Chilika .... MORE >
Women in blue drive fear into hooligans, bond with people
Renu Rakesh, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Anita and Sushila are members of India’s first all-women patrol squad in Udaipur, Rajasthan, that is conscientiously maintaining a vigil at places frequented by .... MORE >
A creative farmer beats the odds, shows others the way
Rina Mukherji, Kolkata
Innovation does not necessarily need fancy academic qualifications. It is an incisive mind that spurs a human being towards being creative. Farmer Prabhat Ranjan Dey .... MORE >
Looking forward to new horizons with new hope
Shwetha E. George, Thiruvananthapuram
It’s the redesigned, improved version of the infamous Karimpadom Colony, once the site of dilapidated shanties and the stronghold of drug peddlers and crime mafia. .... MORE >
Penalised for being a mother?
Rakhi Ghosh, Bhubaneswar
Making a foray into the political arena is not the easiest thing to do for a woman, especially if she wants to make her mark .... MORE >